A close up photo of a Rockford Fosgate stereo available in many popular Mitsubishi vehicles

What kind of stereos are used by Mitsubishi? 

Let's face it, the most important part of any drive is putting something on the radio. It doesn't matter if someone is into rock and roll or likes to keep up on current events. A vehicle's radio is more than just something that makes noise, it is an important lifeline to the world outside of the car. So, what kind of stereos are used by Mitsubishi? Depending on which trim grade a customer chooses, they can get a system provided by Rockford Fosgate, one of the most respected names in the world of car stereo systems. If you'd like to see a live demonstration of the rich sound provided by these top-of-the-line stereos, make an appointment with a Spitzer Mitsubishi sales professional today.

Why did they go with Rockford Fosgate systems?

The lineup of Rockford Fosgate stereos available in the most popular Mitsubishi vehicles in the Spitzer Mitsubishi showroom is equipped with some of the most modern components and sound quality control systems in the industry. Drivers will be able to have precise control of their vehicle's stereo to ensure they are getting as close to concert quality sound as possible. In fact, much of the digital inputs that hold sway over how everything sounds are done automatically. It's basically like having an expert sound engineer live inside of the dashboard.

Sound solutions for any type of music

No one set of car stereo settings will work for every genre of music someone might listen to. Adjustments must be made for different kinds of music as well as taking into account the mood of every listener in the car. Most versions of Rockford Fosgate stereos equipped with Mitsubishi vehicles come with what is called PUNCH Control that helps the vehicle's subwoofer properly respond to the type of music that is being played. Additionally, Class AB amplifiers are installed with Rockford Fosgate systems for a better balance between efficiency and less distortion versus competing amp designs.

New technology added

In the most recently released Mitsubishi models, the automaker has continued to expand the capability of the native infotainment system. Tech-savvy owners with Apple- or Android-based smartphones will be able to connect those compatible devices into the audio system's touchscreen interface and open up a whole new world of possibilities. In addition to some of the most popular applications now being available, new features for navigation have also been added to the mix.

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Which Mitsubishi vehicles use Rockford Fosgate stereo systems?